Depreciation Report, Appraisal


Experienced & Flexible

Brian Hill is the founder of Real Property Solutions as well as Associated Reserve Planners Canada. Providing appraisal services since 1986 Brian saw a natural addition to the services offered when a Depreciation Report became required by the strata act. Brian has been an industry trail blazer helping to develop and implement the ICBI Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards. utilizes the ICBI endorsed RFA Pro Reserve Fund Analysis software to complete all reports. Brian works closely with council/directors to ensure funding plans are prepared with their best interest and needs in mind. There is no point in preparing a plan which will not be implemented. Ask about our DIY program.

RFA Pro - Reserve Fund Analysis software


Stable Funding Plan

RFA Pro software makes it easy to work with numerous funding models to create the funding plan which is fairest and least burdensome to current and future owners. Stable and steading increasing with inflation. The council chooses which funding plan they choose to present as the Proposed Funding Plan A.  


Breakdown of the Components

The financial reports and charts clearly indicate the major components. The Annual Expenditure Schedule and Cash Flow Schedules allow for ease of use of the data. No more rulers and magnifying glasses to read spreadsheets. 


Full service or DIY, what are your needs?

Call or email for a quote. The RFA Pro software allows us to offer a very competitive fee. We can also provide the software license and as little or as much assistance as you require to create your own DIY Depreciation Report or Reserve Fund Plan.

What our clients say About Us


Harry Marshall

Brian is a very informed reserve planner in my opinion. He has provided out Strata Council with in depth reports and information to all owners at our Annual General Meetings when requested to do so. Brian answered any questions at our AGM's. I highly recommend Brian as a Reserve Planner. 


Cec Boucher

I worked with Brian Hill to complete a Reserve Fund Study/Depreciation Report for Sun Village Community Association in Westbank. I was on the Board and was responsible for gathering asset information and interacting with Brian. Brian was very flexible in his approach to completing a report to meet the needs of our village. He is very qualified and knowledgeable. He presented to our Board and the village owners, as well as attended our AGM to assist in answering questions associated with the plan chosen and presented for approval. I highly recommend him for any future work in this field. 


Informative and Flexible

Brian believes the role of the Reserve Planner is to assist the executive with creating a funding plan to be adopted and followed as well as report the results with the greatest clarity so that current and future owners are well informed. While the reports are lengthy and contain large amounts of information, the data is presented in a manor which is easily extracted and useful for long term capital budgeting. The motto is, "it's your property and your money", they reserve planner is to assist and report, not to be opinionated. Many reserve planners conduct analysis which is not required by the Act and can result in diminishing property value using terminology such as deficient and under-funded. Please refer to "End of the Under-Funded Strata" download below.