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Comply with your insurance requirements

Comply with your insurance requirements

Relax while you are away!

We provide scheduled inspections for your home. 

Dream Home Watch offers a complete range of services to assure your property remains secure and systems functioning. 

Comply with your insurance requirements

Comply with your insurance requirements

Comply with your insurance requirements

Insurance companies require properties to be monitored when unoccupied for as little as 3 days. Imagine being away when a severe weather incident occurs.  

Dream Home Group of Companies

Comply with your insurance requirements

Dream Home Group of Companies

Dream Home Group has been providing real estate appraisals and depreciation reports in the Okanagan valley since 2000.  Ask about our DIY Depreciation Report including RFA Pro Software. Now offering Home Watch services with real time reporting. 

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Dream Home Watch is part of Dream Home Group of companies


IT Solutions provide on site GPS reports, invoicing, scheduling and communication.

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Exterior Check List

  • Check home exterior for damage from fallen trees or limbs
  • Check for broken windows, torn screens, forced entry or vandalism
  • Check gutters and downspouts for damage and drainage issues
  • Store garbage & recycling containers
  • Ensure landscaping is being maintained
  • Check all exterior faucets for leakage
  • Check for visible evidence of pest infestation
  • Ensure all access points are secure
  • Remove all junk mail and flyers
  • Forward mail if requested

Interior Check List

  • Check security systems for proper operation
  • Check heating and cooling systems for proper operation
  • Check refrigerators and freezers for proper operation
  • Operate all faucets and flush all toilets if water turned on
  • Check all water locations such as under sinks, toilets, water heaters and water softeners as well as walls, windows, doors and ceilings for stains or evidence of leakage
  • Check for indications of rodent or insect infestation
  • Turn on and off lights and open and close blinds throughout the home
  • Check phone for dial tone

Concierge Services

  • Forward mail
  • Meet and wait for repair services or delivery
  • Cleaning services
  • Emergency services including contacting insurance company and disaster restoration contractors
  • Appearance of occupancy
  • Vehicle care such as charging, moving, driving

In home catering services

  • Create an intimate dining experience for two or more
  • Meal preparation/planning
  • Stock kitchen and bar prior to arrival

Manage Property as Vacation/Long Term Rental

  • If you offer you home for short term or long term rental we can assist or take over all tasks. 

Customize Your Service

Whatever your needs DreamHomeGroup.ca Real Property Solutions can help. Call or text 2508604400 or email DreamHomeCanada@gmail.com